Welcome to this important "how-to" guide BOOK that 1000's of foreign students use every year to find affordable, accredited degrees from American & Canadian colleges and universities and tap into their financial aid programs and  rip huge financial benefits and rewards!

     URadmitted─The Art of Admissions...


For Foreign Students worldwide seeking American and Canadian universities.


Discover how thousands of other foreign students just like you get STUDENT VISAS, easy and quick admissions, and quickly learn the ins and outs of getting admitted to Canadian and American Colleges & Universities!


Learn to choose the right program or university and one that you can afford and meets your personal needs.


Avoid wasting time and money by eliminating trial and error often associated with applying to Canadian universities.


Find the universities that are eager for your tuition money.


Written in simple, easy to read, non-technical language that is perfect for anyone regardless of your level or skill in the English Language.


Yes, these are just few of the things you will learn when you buy this incredible book.









 United States


If you are a foreign university or college student who wants to study in Canada (book on left) and America (book on right)...you have found the resources to take you there ─ how to get admissions in no time at all, prepare for admissions officers and College Fairs, Student Visas, Study Permits, even Free University Placement!




  Discover how thousands of other foreign students just like you get STUDENT VISAS, easy and quick admissions, choose affordable and accredited universities to study in the United States and Canada, every year!  
Learn how to gain university and college admissions easily, choose the right program or university and get scholarships to pay for your degree.   Yes, these are just a few of the things you will learn when you buy this incredible book
  The book  was timely and everything was so informative.  I received an $8000 financial aid package from a US University by following your advice and using your sources.  Thank you so very much!"  Q. Brenn, New Zealand.  

                  Yes, Discover ...


How to save thousands of dollars avoiding expensive college and university programs.




How easy it is for foreign students just like you to gain admission to accredited degrees at universities in the United States and Canada.



How to successfully get your Student Visa or Study Permit from the the American or Canadian Immigration



Universities and colleges with tuition and fees of $10,000 (US) and under in Canada and the United States!



How to avoid "bogus" and unaccredited US and Canadian universities.



How to cut your tuition fess in half.




Ways to cut your college or university admission search time in half and less.



How to eliminate frustrations and disappointments.



What college and university admissions officers look for - and want from foreign students.



How to locate colleges that are just right for you.



How to beat the odds by having the "right" information.



How to earn a United States or Canadian college or university degree without leaving your home  or home country—by completing an accredited online (distance education) degree.



A virtual give-away ─ and if you are not completely satisfied you can request a 100% refund within 7 no questions asked.








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From: Dr. Hilroy Thomas

Wednesday, 8:43 PM

Dear Student,

Like you, I was once a foreign student.  Fortunately for me, I earned my Doctorate degree from Harvard University because I did my research, planned properly, took the opportunity when presented, asked for and received advice, applied for international student scholarships, grants and financial aid as a foreign student.  And I succeeded all the way!

And since then, I have assisted thousands of other foreign students like you to earn their degrees too, some from so called “no name” colleges and universities, others from the Ivy Leagues, in Canada and the United States!

In this BOOK I will teach you the smarter, faster, more effective, less costly and more reliable way to gain ADMISSIONS, successfully face IMMIGRATION and get VISAS to colleges and universities of your choice in America and Canada, and get admitted in no time at all!

This authoritative foreign students' guide is easy to read and goes beyond the boundaries of the Internet, libraries, college and university brochures and college fairs to provide international students with objective analyses of what goes on behind the scenes of foreign student admissions, student housing, choosing your room-mates, Immigration and Visa application processes and much more.

In addition, I will show you

  How and where to find scholarship and international loans for study in the  
  How to save lots of money on application fees and programs.  
  How to find & choose the "best" university or college.  
  The easy way to get admission to accredited universities in the United States and Canada.  
  The secrets of immigration and the student VISA process and more!  
  The importance of the ACT and SAT and which one is better suited for you.  
  How to get Free University Placements and pay absolutely NO University Application Fees when you use a Free Placement Service that I recommend!  

Yes, I'm able to show you, step by step, you how easy it is to gain admission into American and Canadian colleges and universities because I have so many success stories which have permanently transformed the lives of those who have followed my techniques.  I've written this book because it gives me great satisfaction to see someone like you also getting your dream fulfilled with a highly regarded American or Canadian accredited degree, and perhaps with foreign student grants and scholarships to pay for it.

Therefore allow me to share with you the secrets I have used over many years, the same secrets I used helping many others study in America and Canada.

This is your opportunity for me to assist you, like I have done for others.  Now you can access to the same information (and secrets) that thousands of others before you had.  This easy to read Book can get your dreams of an American or Canadian college or university education fulfilled!

Success and Best Wishes to You!


Dr. Hilroy Thomas




  Yes, you can spend over $1000 on university applications fees, mailings, telephone calls and faxes, and still not sure that you will get admission, or what you got admitted into, or that you are on the right road and made the right decision!  "YOU 'RE ADMITTED" we give you confidence and skills to make sure you are in control.

Yes, a Canadian or United States degree is highly regarded, very affordable and easily accessible!




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